Large Hemp Backpack

Nepalese Hemp

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 Carry your things in comfort

This large backpack is hand-made from Nepalese hemp. It has a fully lined interior, adjustable straps and zipper closures. Perfect size for carrying your textbooks, shoes, snacks, tablet and anything that fits into the bag. This is naturally stylish getup for your beautiful lightweight day out!

  • 5 pockets (1 Big Pocket, 1 front, each side small pocket, 1 laptop pocket inside)
  • Individual  pattern
  • Size: 40 cm x 45 cm 
  • Handmade in Nepal
  • Fully lined

The hemp material is durable and soft, and this bag will last many years. Your hemp backpack will improve with wear, becoming softer and more comfortable over time, which is why it has been cultivated for thousands of years by many cultures. 

This item is handmade in Nepal so some slight variation/imperfection/not identical in color, size, shape and texture can be expected due to the hand-crafting process.