Cookie Queen Presents Nimbin's Original Local Cannabis Cookie Cookbook

Nimbin Hemp Embassy

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Greetings cookie lovers around the world

Welcome to the final "420" edition of the original Nimbin Cannabis Cookie Cookbook.

As the crowned Cookie Queen of Nimbin, I bring to you authentic cookie legend, lore and love from the streets of the infamous cannabis culture capital of the world.

With a long proud tradition of baking the best green cookies sourced from organic home-grown produce, dedicated local cookie ladies still attempt to supply the ever growing demand for recreational and medicinal cannabis cookies despite persistent police persecution.

Within this booklet you will learn how to make and safely enjoy your very own cookies, discover the history of the cookie, and find basic medical information along with some fun bits and pieces.

So put on the kettle, grab a cookie and sit back and relax while you enjoy my booklet. "COOKIE Q"

15 cm x 21 cm
18 pages