Little Faerie Book of Growing Tips by The Ganja Faeries

Nimbin Hemp Embassy

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This little book is a sharing of collective wisdom

Our Faeries have given some of their greatest Ganja growing secrets to support and promote this celebration of our right to the medicinal, industrial and recreational use of our favorite herb.

All the tips supplied have been donated by individual Faeries to fund the Ganja Faeries work protesting and highlighting Cannabis Law Reform through our participation in the Nimbin Mardigrass and Drug Law Reform Rally. We hope that you will appreciate this small offering from the Ganja Faeries and join us celebrating and enjoying this wonderful plant. 

11 cm x 15 cm
14 pages

Nimbin's Ganja Faeries

Ganja Faeries are the light spirit of the herb, the essential humour of indulging in it, the cheeky and naughty side, if you like. They're the ones who tickle your funny-bone and make you laugh, and dance with you awhile along your way, then appear again in your dreams. They share a collective wisdom of living with cannabis. They help you to remember that the herb is healing in many wonderful ways and that the drug laws are very stupid. If you like, YOU too can be a Ganja Faerie.