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Marijuana Pest & Disease Control by Ed Rosenthal

Marijuana Pest & Disease Control by Ed Rosenthal

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Only by truly understanding how your enemies operate can they be defeated.

MARIJUANA PEST & DISEASE CONTROL is an in-depth look at the pests and diseases likely to attack your crop. This book will equip you with the knowledge you need to defeat these problems. Marijuana expert Ed Rosenthal thoroughly examines 22 pests and diseases that threaten marijuana plants.

He details their life cycles, reproductive strategies, environmental preferences, and idiosyncrasies. Rosenthal also shows you how to prevent and eradicate these problems in ways that are safe for you and the environment. A wide range of solutions are presented, ranging from barriers, commercial products, homemade recipes, to bio-controls.

Intended for growers with all sizes of gardens, both indoors and outdoors in all climates. Preventive Maintenance chapter provides you with methods that can be used to make sure pests and diseases never strike in the first place.

Over 100 photographs, hundreds more illustrations

248 pages
20 cm x 25 cm

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