True Living Organics by The Rev

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The only organic marijuana cultivation guide on the market.

How to grow organic marijuana both indoors and outdoors.

Organic marijuana is preferred for medical marijuana users as well as recreational marijuana users, and growing organic marijuana is much cheaper than synthetic hydroponic marijuana cultivation systems.

The first edition sold over 15,000 copies, and the new edition has over 100 additional pages of all new information and photos detailing how to grow marijuana organically so that it is healthier and tastes better.

This new edition features all new composting techniques, improved soil mixes for maximizing yield, and all new techniques for organic marijuana gardening, including worm farms, organic tea mixes, and highly effective organic soil amendments.

Also includes an all new organic hashish guide which teaches you how to make all-natural organic hash from marijuana without the use of any dangerous chemicals.

284 pages
15 cm x 23 cm