Hand Woven Hemp Hat

Nepalese Hemp

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Perfect for summer

This hand woven hemp hat would compliment any outfit. The wide brim of the hat is lined with wire so that you are able to manipulate the shape to the style you desire.

A great gift idea for a friend or a treat for yourself.

  • The hat is one size and will fit average.
  • The brim is 40 cm wide
  • Protects from UV rays
  • 100% Hemp

This item is handmade in Nepal so slight variation/imperfection/not identical in color, size, shape and texture can be expected due to hand-crafting process.

Why Wear Hemp?

Hemp is the strongest natural, eco friendly and sustainable fibre used in clothing and textile production. Hemp wears in, not out. Hemp’s tensile strength is up to eight times that of cotton. Contrary to stereotypes, hemp is luxuriously soft; becoming softer and more comfortable over time.

Hemp is machine washable. Hemp doesn’t require any special attention, it actually thrives on regular use and washing which improves its natural lustre and feel. Hemp is also very fast drying which is great for people on the go; wash and dry clothes overnight. 

Hemp farms improve the environment as they regenerate soil, require almost no pest control, chemicals and very little water. Hemp is a natural, plant-based fibre, which (unlike synthetic textiles) means the fabric doesn’t contain or shed microplastics.

Hemp is the most resistant natural fibre to ultraviolet light, offering protection from the sun’s rays.