Nearly Normal Nimbin directed by Jenni Kendell & Paul Tait / DVD


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Twenty two years after the 1973 Aquarius Festival which heralded the beginnings of Nimbin's colourful counter-culture, this video examines the town's lifestyles and the polarities which have arisen.

In a wider context it traces social and cultural change to Australian society through the small community's eyes.

A glorious history of our beloved town and community featuring many familiar faces and a deeper insight into how we came to be where we are now.

  • Pt. 1. Peace, love &​ burnt rice (52 min.)
  • Pt. 2. Sects, drugs &​ Rock 'n' Roll (52 min.)
  • Pt. 3. Sensitive New Age guise (52 min.).

Directors/​producers, Jenni Kendell, Paul Tait

Produced with the assistance of the Australian Film Commission