Fungi Down Under: By Pat Grey; Ed Grey


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The Fungimap Guide To Australian Fungi

As a field guide, Fungi Down Under had its beginnings from a project called Fungimap, in which more than 300 fungi enthusiasts have contributed observations of 100 target species.

With a clear and easy to use format, the descriptions are comprehensive and consistent and enable immediate comparison with similar look-alikes.

This book is published by Fungimap, with assistance from The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne and the Royal Society of Victoria. All proceeds from sales go to Fungimap to assist with such projects as the fungi mapping scheme and the production of further publications.


  • A field guide to the 100 Fungimap target species, covering all major groups of macrofungi
  • One page per species, with comprehensive descriptions and comparison against look-alikes
  • Each species accompanied by colour illustrations with important features annotated
  • Introduction includes sections on structure and things to record in the field
  • Glossary, cross-referenced to text illustrations
  • Comprehensive list of literature on fungi
  • Appendixes on name changes, the meaning of scientific names and how to pronounce them
  • The first Australian fungi book to feature distribution maps for all species included
  • Includes a colour chart, another first for an Australian fungi book

Fungi field guides are not for identifying which fungi are edible and which are poisonous. This can be difficult from pictures in a book and is best left to experts to identify them 'in the flesh'.

146 pages
21cm x 15cm