Nimbin Fragrance Roll On Hemp Deodorant 75g

Arianrhod Aromatics

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Yes, our deodorants really do work! No need for all the nasties you find on the supermarket shelf.

This all-natural, aluminium free deodorant has added colloidal silver – a natural antibacterial agent – and sodium bi-carbonate to help keep you dry.

This product has been created as a special ‘Nimbin’ blend with just a hint of lemon myrtle and …

  • outperforms most other natural ‘alumfree’ deodorants
  • contains Cold Pressed AUSTRALIAN HEMP SEED OIL
  • suitable for Men and Women
  • created with a unique base of purified water
  • fused with amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz crystal

Australian HEMP SEED OIL is well known to act as an antibacterial and antifungal agent – making this product a very effective personal deodorant – with the addition of special essential oils.

Size: 75 g