T Shirt Sizing


Finding your size from the "across-chest" measurement

Take a favourite-fitting T Shirt, lay it flat, and measure across the front as described above. Match this measurement to the "across-chest" measurement for the garment you're interested in on the Sizing Guide Chart below. 

The "across-chest" measurement

This reference relates to the width of the t-shirts or garments, not the body. The measurement is obtained by laying the t-shirt (hoodie, shirt or other top) flat on a flat surface. The garment is then measured across the front, side-seam to side-seam, from just a few centimetres below where the sleeve joins the body of the garment. A garment with a half or across-chest measurement of 50cm would be skin-tight on a person with a 100cm chest. Therefore, the half or across-chest measurement - when doubled - should be a few centimetres more than the person's actual chest measurement (depending on desired fit and garment stretch).

IMPORTANT: Always check garment measurements carefully. Don't just order your usual size by habit. Sizes can vary greatly between different manufacturers. If in doubt, contact us.