100% Hemp Tea Towel Tie Dye Collection - Rainbow Mermaid

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This tea towel is part of a collection made during the COVID lock down in 2020.  The tea towels are individual, ethically produced and signed by the artist TLS - Hempstress.

  • 70 cm x 50 cm
  • 150 g fabric
  • 100% Hemp
  • Ethically dyed
  • Individually signed

Tea Towels are the workhorse of the kitchen as they dry your dishes or hands, wrap freshly baked bread to keep warm, and protect your hands against heat when your oven mitts are out of reach.

These tea towels are really practical for drying dishes and saucepans, but practical doesn't have to mean boring.


Hemp is the Strongest Natural Fibre

Hemp is the strongest natural, eco-friendly and sustainable fibre used in clothing and textile production. Its tensile strength is up to eight times that of cotton.

Hemp Fabric Softens With Time

Clothing made from hemp is very comfortable to wear. Hemp wears in, not out. Contrary to stereotypes, hemp is luxuriously soft, becoming softer and more comfortable over time.

Hemp is Good For the Environment

Hemp farms improve the environment as leaf shedding provides the soil with adequate fertilisation, require almost no pest control as hemp is naturally pest-resistant, and very little water to grow. Hemp is a natural, plant-based fibre, which (unlike synthetic textiles) means the fabric doesn’t contain or shed microplastics.

Hemp Is Durable

Hemp is machine washable and doesn’t require any special attention. It actually thrives on regular use and washing which improves its natural lustre and feel. Hemp is also very fast drying which is great for people on the go; wash and dry clothes overnight.