Handmade Colorful Nepalese Hemp Sandals / Thongs / Slides / Flip-flops / Jandals - Orange Tie-dye

Handmade Colorful Hemp Sandals - Orange Tie-dye

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These hemp sandals are hand-made in Nepal and available in a variety of colors and sizes. 

  • Materials: Hemp, Rubber Sole
  • Colour: Orange Tie-dye
  • Size: 40, 42

Shoe Sizing Guide

Measure the Length of Your Foot

It's important to measure your foot accurately to find the right size sandal. To work out the size you will require, please follow these steps:

  • Place a piece of paper in front of you. Use a pencil to trace around your foot. Ensure you hold the pencil as straight up as possible whilst tracing and ensure the pencil remains in contact with your foot during the process.

  • With a ruler measure the distance between the base of the heel and the tip of your big toe. This distance is your foot length and is the number you use to determine your shoe size.

  • Example: Helen's foot measures 245mm long. She will fit comfortably into a Size 40. 

Find Your Size

Find your shoe measurement on the  size chart below to determine your correct size. If your measurement falls in between two sizes, round up.