How to Grow Marijuana: The Ultimate Guide to Learn How to Cultivate Marijuana Outdoor & Indoor. : by Adam Smith

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Create Your Medical Garden Even if You Are a Beginner and Grow Beautiful Weed Today

Cannabis is a flowering plant genus (of three known types) that is known world-wide, and the drug that we know as cannabis or marijuana has many different names, depending on the locale.

On average, a marijuana plant takes about 4- 5 months to mature. This is dependent on several factors such as the growing conditions and marijuana strain. For instance, while some strains grown outdoors tend to take longer (up to seven months) others can mature in three months especially the ones subjected to controlled conditions.

What Does Marijuana Need to Thrive?

Light: It can be in form of the sun or other grow lights. In order to get the best quality of harvest, a marijuana plant needs sufficient amount of light. This is one of the most important nutrients that have an impact on yield of product. If you are using the sunshine, then your plants should get about 8 hours of direct sunlight a day.

Temperature: Temperature need not be too hot or too cold. Just like human beings, marijuana plants can die if exposed to very high temperatures or freezing conditions. An easier way to gauge this is if it is too hot for you then it is equally too hot for the plants. If you know it is going to be too hot or cold where you grow your plants, you may need to put in place protective measures such as building a small greenhouse.

Air: For plants grown outdoors, they thrive well because of constant supply of air. Well-ventilated space with free flow of air and some breeze is an ideal condition. For this case, you can find an area where there are a lot of green plants.

Water: Rivers, creeks and own water systems are ideal sources of water. Marijuana needs plenty of water to survive. When they get sufficient amount of water, the plant will absorb more nutrients. Therefore, if it is dry, you need to water your plants. Likewise, if it too rainy, you need to protect them from being overwatered.

Nutrients: Nutrients are the lifeblood a marijuana plant. There are various alternatives: you can compose your own soil that is rich in nutrients or buy pre-formulated soil.

Easily accessible site but hidden from others: You should be able to monitor your plants at least on a monthly basis. Constant checkup means you can arrest any problem such as pests or lack of nutrients before they destroy your plants. Moreover, keeping it hidden will prevent your plants from potential thieves.

This book covers the following topics:

  • Genetics and Plants
  • Cannabis Cycles
  • Plant Indoors
  • Introduction to Hydroponics
  • Seeding Method
  • Light, Water, Oxygen
  • Flowering
  • Soil Cultivation and Soil Types
  • Ph and Fertilizers
  • How to Increase Your Yield
  • Harvesting
  • Propagation

...And much more !!!

If you can manage the above factors, then I can assure you that growing marijuana will be an enjoyable venture. You need not worry, however, if you don't understand everything at this point. I will cover the above factors in detail in the subsequent segments to help you grow top quality medical marijuana.

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