Marijuana Unleashed: The Conspiracy to Ban Marijuana by: D Breneman McCaslin, Jack Herer

Newman Springs Publishers

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Marijuana Unleashed is a fascinating and well-documented look at the history of the Marijuana drug laws and the people who made the prohibition happen.

As I read this well-written work, I couldn't help but be saddened by the parallels of that history with the current political climate regarding people of color and immigrants. And I was infuriated by the thought that our virgin old-growth woodlands could still be standing but for the greed of those who thought only of lining their pockets.

McCaslin shows how a perfect storm of racism, xenophobia, and greed gave the marijuana drug laws their start and how a prisoner-dependent system is fighting to stop the legalization efforts for its own survival. Marijuana Unleashed is a most compelling read for anyone who's ever wondered about how and why Marijuana was demonized and who's been just a bit skeptical about the concept of marijuana being a gateway drug. McCaslin also includes the definitive bibliography for anyone wanting to research the topic further for themselves.

141 pages

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