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A Field Guide to the Fungi of Australia By: Tony Young

A Field Guide to the Fungi of Australia By: Tony Young

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Discover the Hidden Beauty of Australia's Fungi

"A Field Guide to the Fungi of Australia" by Tony Young is the perfect guide for nature enthusiasts, amateur mycologists and anyone looking to expand their knowledge of Australia's unique natural world. With its bright and vibrant illustrations, this beautiful little book brings to light an often overlooked but just as remarkable aspect of Australia's environment - its fungi.

Explore the world of Australia's fungi with ease, as this field guide showcases many species in all their splendor. From brightly colored and fluorescent fungi to elegant and squat varieties, you'll be amazed at the diverse range of fungi that call Australia home.

Take this field guide with you on your next nature walk and you'll never look at fungi the same way again. With detailed illustrations and information on each species, you'll have a new appreciation and understanding of the intricate and fascinating world of fungi.

While many fungi are fragrant and beautiful, some are highly toxic. This field guide provides essential information on the toxicity of each species, so you can safely enjoy your nature walks and learn about Australia's fungi with peace of mind.

"A Field Guide to the Fungi of Australia" is a must-have for anyone interested in Australia's unique natural environment. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, amateur mycologist, or simply looking to expand your knowledge, this book is the perfect guide to help you discover the hidden beauty of Australia's fungi.

240 pages
15 cm x 21 cm


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