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Cannabis Cultivation A Complete Grower's Guide by Mel Thomas

Cannabis Cultivation A Complete Grower's Guide by Mel Thomas

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Grow the highest quality marijuana buds with ease using the expert tips and techniques revealed in this full-color classic guidebook.

Fully explore the latest developments in indoor and outdoor cannabis growing, including lighting, electricity consumption, and off-grid power generation. Learn how to cultivate top-notch buds in your backyard or a remote grow area with detailed instructions and diagrams.

Written by former commercial-scale grower Mel Thomas, this guidebook offers insider knowledge and expertise from one of the world's largest marijuana growing operations. Perfect for beginners, the step-by-step directions and detailed diagrams will help you build inexpensive versions of expensive commercial equipment for successful indoor gardens.

Free from technical jargon and boring theory, this book is accessible to everyone and easy to understand. Benefit from the clear instructions, detailed diagrams, and expert tips, and learn how to grow and harvest the best quality marijuana buds safely.

349 pages
15 x 23 cm
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