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Cannabis Grower's Handbook by Ed Rosenthal

Cannabis Grower's Handbook by Ed Rosenthal

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A Guide for All Cultivators

The Cannabis Grower's Handbook is the go-to guide for all marijuana cultivators. This comprehensive guide is written by Ed Rosenthal, the pioneer in the legal cannabis industry and the author of the groundbreaking Marijuana Grower's Handbook. With the contributions of two new co-authors, Dr. Robert Flannery and Angela Bacca, this edition presents the latest science, tools, and methods to enable you to grow a cannabis garden of any size, anywhere.

This guide covers the newest lighting technologies such as LED and adjustable spectrum bulbs, permaculture and regenerative farming techniques, advanced drying and curing methods and strategies, comprehensive integrated pest management, and over a dozen specialized garden setups. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional cultivator, you will find everything you need to know to maximize your yields and grow bigger, more potent resinous buds.

600 Pages of Full-Color Photos: The Cannabis Grower's Handbook is filled with 600 pages of full-color photos, making it easy to understand the latest techniques and methods for growing cannabis.

Easy-to-Understand Content: Ed Rosenthal's books are known for their easy-to-understand and trend-setting content, making it accessible for all cultivators, regardless of their level of experience.

The Latest Science and Techniques: With the contributions and research of the pioneers and leaders in the legal cannabis industry, this guide presents the latest science and techniques to maximize your yields.

Choose Among Many Options: The guide will help you choose among the many options from innovative breeders, including autoflowering plants and CBD and CBG varieties of hemp.

Indoors or Out: This guide will show you how to grow a cannabis garden of any size, anywhere, indoors or out.

With the Cannabis Grower's Handbook, you will have the tools and knowledge to grow a successful cannabis garden and feel confident in your abilities as a cultivator.

18 cm x 25 cm x 3 cm
733 pages

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