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Cannabis Indica, Volume 1 by S.T. Oner (Editor), Greg Green

Cannabis Indica, Volume 1 by S.T. Oner (Editor), Greg Green

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A resource for all marijuana enthusiasts and growers.

With over 60 different seed breeders featured, this book offers more variety than any other cannabis strain guide available.

Find in-depth information on some of the most popular Indica strains, such as Holland’s Hope, Blueberry, LA Confidential and P-91, with accurate information on genetics and lineage. Explore fascinating new strains from previously unknown seed breeders, selected based on their relevance to the current market and the strength of their genetics.

Editor S.T. Oner carefully selected all strains based on merit, without any advertisements or influence from paid inclusion. This ensures that readers get accurate, reliable information on each and every strain featured in the book. Filled with hundreds of stunning images, this book is a visual delight, making it the perfect addition to any grow room, dorm room, or living room.

Learn about each plant in detail, including their aromas, flavors, THC content, medical potentials, and growth patterns. Become an expert on Cannabis Indica strains and take your knowledge to the next level.

209 pages
15 cm x 23 cm

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