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Exposing the War on Drugs by NIM-FM / 4 x CD Set

Exposing the War on Drugs by NIM-FM / 4 x CD Set

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For close to a century much of the Western world, including Australia, has found itself embroiled in a costly 'War on Drugs'.

From NIM FM Nimbin comes an 8 part documentary series looking at a different picture to one portrayed by the most media.

Produced by Phil Bromley, Exposing the War on Drugs interviews politicians, doctors, lawyers, users, advocates, opponents and members of the general public.

Hear how the West's history of drug prohibition and policy was shaped from the 1930s, and unpack contemporary discussions on medicinal cannabis and progressive drug policy across the world.


Tell us about this 8 part documentary series - what's being exposed in 'Exposing The War On Drugs'?

'The War on Drugs' has been running for nearly 100 years. In our small town of Nimbin, the community has suffered relentless police harassment which has only increased in the past 2 years. This inspired the series which exposes the insanity of many of the laws in Australia and worldwide and who the beneficiaries are from its continuation.

How did the series come together? What started it off?

Phil Bromley relocated to Nimbin in 2012 to study permaculture and train in media at NIM FM. Since then, the town has been relentlessly targeted by police. The town, known for its outspokenness and strong community have been left wondering why so many police resources are being dedicated to cannabis arrests which has impacted on the town's economy and general spirit. Phil spoke with some members of NIM FM who were keen to produce a radio series based on local experience and viable, researched solutions.

How does this series sound?

We were very conscious of trying to make this an enjoyable journey for listeners. It is a serious subject but we have kept it upbeat by mixing narrative with interviews, music, sound effects and movie clips in a way that makes it flow easily without losing the points we are trying to make.

What do you want listeners to walk away with?

We want people to walk away with a better understanding of the history and the effects of drug prohibition, including in particular, how our hometown of Nimbin is often misrepresented in the media. Australia's drug policies can be ineffective and we hope to promote rational thought on changing how we are addressing illicit drugs.
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