Family Friendly Hemp Seed Recipes by Sativa Sistas

Sativa Sistas

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For too long hemp seeds have been avoided and overlooked for their nutritional values and benefits

The majority of people have been turned off hemp seeds because of its relationship to the medicine/drug cannabis. however hemp seeds DO NOT cause any psychotropic or mid bending side effects, quite the opposite. They provide may health benefits and may just be the superfood you are looking for.

Sativa Sistas are passionately devoted to cannabis awareness and education, we believe that all Sistas and Mistas should be able to use this amazing plant as a medicine and a food. (that's right eat it !).

We are committed in the fight to end prohibition and we believe every person should have the right to grow cannabis in their backyards amongst the veggie patch, or in its own personal suite indoors.

Sativa Sistas are wholeheartedly dedicated to spreading the word about a holistic lifestyle and encourage all people to take their health back into their own hands. 

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