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Fantastic Fungi by Louis Schwartzberg and Eugenia Bone

Fantastic Fungi by Louis Schwartzberg and Eugenia Bone

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An awe-inspiring visual journey through the exotic, little-known realm of fungi and its amazing potential to positively influence our lives.

An all-star team of professional and amateur mycologists, artists, foodies, ecologists, doctors, and explorers joined forces with time-lapse master Louie Schwartzberg to create Fantastic Fungi, the life-affirming, mind-bending film about mushrooms and their mysterious interwoven rootlike filaments called mycelium.

This visually compelling companion book of the same name, edited by preeminent mycologist Paul Stamets, will expand upon the film in every way through extended transcripts, new essays and interviews, and additional facts about the fantastic realm of fungi.

Fantastic Fungi is a visually compelling book that takes you on a journey through the mysterious and fascinating world of fungi. Learn about the incredible potential of mushrooms as a viable alternative to Western pharmacology. Discover the medicinal properties of fungi that can improve your health and help you lead a happier and more productive life.

Explore the studies pointing to mycelium as a solution to our gravest environmental challenges. This book will inspire you to take action and make a difference in the world. Fungi have a marvelous proven ability to shift consciousness, and this book will help you tap into that power. It will motivate you to change your perspective and become a more conscious and aware individual.

181 pages
20 cm x 26 cm
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