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A Field Guide to Australian Fungi by Bruce A. Fuhrer

A Field Guide to Australian Fungi by Bruce A. Fuhrer

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Discover the World of Australian Fungi 

Explore the fascinating world of Australian fungi with this comprehensive field guide, covering more than 500 species. With 548 color photographs, you'll be able to see these organisms in their natural environment like never before.

Get in-depth information on fungal biology, ecology, classification, distribution, and the important role fungi play in nature. Discover the fascinating facts about size, range, shape, habitat information, spore print color, and spore descriptions with clear descriptions and a pictorial guide to different groups.

This 360-page hardback book is a culmination of many decades of field work and study by the author, making it the most comprehensive photographic field guide on Australian fungi yet published. With a size of 16 cm x 24 cm, it's the perfect addition to any nature lover's collection.

Whether you're a seasoned mycologist or simply a nature enthusiast, this book will allow you to delve deeper into the world of fungi and appreciate their beauty and importance in our ecosystem. So, grab your copy today and take the first step in discovering the world of Australian fungi.

360 pages
16 cm x 24 cm
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