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Fungi Down Under: By Pat Grey; Ed Grey

Fungi Down Under: By Pat Grey; Ed Grey

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An informative and easy-to-use field guide to Australian fungi

Fungi Down Under, the go-to guide for enthusiasts and beginners alike! Written by Pat Grey and Ed Grey, this book is the product of the Fungimap project, which received contributions from over 300 fungi enthusiasts.

With a comprehensive and consistent format, Fungi Down Under enables immediate comparison with similar look-alikes. Each of the 100 target species is described in detail over a single page, complete with annotated color illustrations that highlight important features.

Not only is Fungi Down Under a valuable resource for enthusiasts, but all proceeds from sales go to Fungimap to assist with such projects as the fungi mapping scheme and the production of further publications. By purchasing this book, you're not only improving your own knowledge but supporting an important initiative.

Key Features

Here are some of the key features of Fungi Down Under that make it an essential guide for anyone interested in Australian fungi:

  • One page per species: Comprehensive descriptions and comparison against look-alikes

  • Color illustrations: Accompanying each species, with important features annotated

  • Distribution maps: For all species included, the first Australian fungi book to feature them

  • Easy-to-use introduction: Includes sections on structure and things to record in the field

  • Comprehensive glossary: Cross-referenced to text illustrations

  • Appendixes: On name changes, the meaning of scientific names, and how to pronounce them

  • Color chart: Another first for an Australian fungi book

Fungi Down Under is the perfect tool for any enthusiast who wants to learn more about Australian fungi. It's easy to use, informative, and includes all the features you need to identify the species you're interested in. Plus, with proceeds going to Fungimap, you can feel good about your purchase knowing that you're contributing to an important initiative.

Please Note Please note that while Fungi Down Under is an excellent resource for identifying fungi, it's not meant to identify which fungi are edible and which are poisonous. This can be difficult from pictures in a book and is best left to experts to identify them 'in the flesh'.

146 pages
21cm x 15cm


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