Growing Weed in the Garden by Joanna Silver

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A No-Fuss, Seed-to-Stash Guide to Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation

The first-ever guide to growing weed outdoors is now available from master gardener, Johanna Silver. From seed to stash, this no-fuss guide is the definitive book for learning how to cultivate your own cannabis.

Readers will learn how to find and choose seeds, how to grow it outside (in Mother Nature’s own natural light), how much to fertilize and water, in addition to all the ins and outs of harvesting: drying, curing and trimming. The author even provides a section on what to do with your finished product, from rolling a joint, to making a tincture, oils, etc. There’s grower profiles of folks around the country who are growing their own plants, and Q&A’s from a regional perspective.

Author and California resident Johanna Silver, also former Gardening Editor for Sunset magazine, opens her book by admitting she is not a stoner. In fact, after getting laid off from her magazine job, she landed a writing gig with a friend from the San Francisco Chronicle. Her first assignment was to grow weed in her back yard and document it. Silver responded, “I don’t even know where to get seeds.” The editor told her, “That will be your first line!” And so it began.

256 pages
18 cm x 23 cm

 Interviews with the author