Hemp Body Butter

Hemp Body Butter

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Hemp Collective’s Hemp Body Butter provides a smooth & elegant finish on your skin. Our butter leaves your skin feeling soft & moisturised and smelling delicious too!

Perfect to Relax & ease muscle tension. Truly one of the best hemp body butters you’ll try.

Ideal For:

  • Massaging sore or tight muscles

  • Helping to moisturise after a shower

  • Soothing dry, irritated skin or cracked skin

  • Great for elbows, feet, heels and hands.

  • Rehydrating & reconditioning skin after exfoliation. This will prevent the exfoliated skin from drying out and becoming rough or flaky.

  • Hydrate thirsty skin

  • Nourish, soften, & moisturise skin

Benefits to you:

  • Easy to use, as it’s in a semi-solid state, with no spills which is easier to control than liquid oil.

  • Provides a brilliant glide feel with less friction, leaving the skin feeling soft and cared for.

  • Hemp Seed Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient, perfect for sore joints & easing muscle tension.

  • Penetrates your skin & doesn’t clog your pores

How to use:

After a shower and general use: Use the desired amount of butter. Simply glide over the body & massage into the skin. Remembering a little goes a long way.

Massage use: Use desired amount (a little more than general use) and massage into the affected area to help relax & ease discomfort.

Hot tipRub your hands together to melt the butter into a liquid & to warm the oil.

For external use only. Safe for all ages. Keep out of heat & sunlight to help your product last longer. We recommend testing on a small patch of skin prior to use. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. May not be suitable for acne-prone skin.


Coconut Oil, MCT Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Behentrimonium Methosulfate (Rape Seed Extract), Cetyl Alcohol (RSPO Sourced), Broccoli Seed Oil, Vitamin E Mixed Tocopherols, Lavender Oil, and Rose Geranium Oil.

25.00: 60 g