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Hemp Jewelry 2.0 by Robyn McComb

Hemp Jewelry 2.0 by Robyn McComb

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A Quick Guide on How to Make Hemp Macrame Jewelry.

Welcome to the wonderful world of hemp jewelry making! If you are a crafter, you will absolutely love making hemp jewelry. It is an easy yet intricate way to create beautiful jewelry that you can sell or give as gifts.

Here is what you will learn in this 101 guide to hemp:

  • What hemp is and why it is such a great material to use.
  • How to care for hemp jewelry.
  • How to plan a hemp project.
  • How to start a hemp project.
  • Square knots.
  • Spiral knots.
  • Alternating square knots.
  • Fishbone knots.
  • Half-hitch knots.
  • Josephine knots.
  • Vertical Lark’s Head knots.
  • Alternating Lark’s Head knots.
  • How to close your project off.
  • How to add beads.
  • How to add buttons.
  • Some great project ideas and places to search for inspiration.

So if you want to get into this great craft, you should pick up this book and start practicing now. All you need is some hemp cord, some scissors, this book, a few beads, and some inspiration and determination to make lovely jewelry.

You will find it easy to make hemp as long as you have fun with it. There is no need to stress or be perfect. Instead, just enjoy it and make a hobby out of it. Maybe you will even be able to make some extra cash through this hobby if you so desire.

About the Expert

Robyn McComb has been making hemp jewelry since she was eleven years old. After her first macramé bracelet, she was hooked. Since learning the unique craft of knotting hemp jewelry, Robyn has undertaken a lifelong journey of learning new knots and experimenting with new styles of jewelry. When she was twenty, she invented hemp earrings and hemp wedding garters after realizing that she never saw them for sale anywhere. She also experiments with seedbeading and making hemp clothes. She has sold jewelry in stores and has created her own online Etsy business, Robyn’s Nest Creations. She has also taught basic hemp jewelry making techniques at her local community college. This is her first book on the topic.

118 pages

13 cm x 21 cm


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