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Hempcrete Book: Designing and Building with Hemp-Lime by William Stanwix

Hempcrete Book: Designing and Building with Hemp-Lime by William Stanwix

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Looking to design and build with eco-friendly building materials?

The Hempcrete Book is the perfect guide for architects, surveyors, professional builders, and self-builders. Learn more about the authors of the book, William Stanwix and Alex Sparrow, and their experience with hempcrete and natural building.

Part One: Principles of Building with Hempcrete

This section covers the history and uses of hemp, an introduction to lime, key concepts in sustainable building, and the basics of getting started with hempcrete. You'll also learn about the variations on the hemp-lime mix, the performance of hempcrete in a building, and the tools and equipment you'll need. Health and safety and planning the build are also covered.

Part Two: Hempcrete Construction

This section provides an overview of the hempcrete wall, including foundations and plinth, the structural frame, shuttering, mixing hempcrete, and placing hempcrete. You'll also learn about floors, ceilings, and roof insulation, as well as finishes for hempcrete. Practicalities on a hempcrete build, restoration, and retrofit are also covered.

Part Three: Designing a Hempcrete Building

This section covers design fundamentals, indicative detailing, and a look to the future. You'll also find examples of completed builds with design notes.

Benefits of Hempcrete

Hempcrete is an eco-friendly and versatile building material with many benefits. It's breathable, absorbing and emitting moisture, which helps regulate internal humidity and creates healthier buildings. It also provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation and thermal mass. Hempcrete is lightweight, reducing construction costs, and locks up CO2 for the life of the building. Plus, the hemp doesn't require agrochemicals or insecticides in its cultivation.

The Hempcrete Book is a valuable tool for any eco-builder looking to create sustainable, healthy, and beautiful buildings. By using this book, you can learn to design and build with hemp-lime, making your next building project a masterpiece of eco-friendly construction. So, order the Hempcrete Book today and improve your building skills while creating sustainable buildings!

369 pages
20 cm x 25 cm
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