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Little Faerie Book for Medicinal Cannabis by The Ganja Faeries

Little Faerie Book for Medicinal Cannabis by The Ganja Faeries

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Celebrate the Power of Medicinal Cannabis with The Ganja Faeries

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to the benefits of medicinal cannabis? Look no further than The Ganja Faeries' Little Faerie Book for Medicinal Cannabis. This charming book is more than just a guide, it is a sharing of collective wisdom that will elevate your appreciation and enjoyment of this wonderful herb.

Our faeries have given some of their greatest Medicinal Cannabis secrets to support and promote this celebration of our right to the medicinal, industrial and recreational use of our favorite herb. This book is packed with tips and tricks that have been donated by individual faeries, all with the goal of funding the faeries' work protesting and highlighting Cannabis Law Reform through our participation in the Nimbin Mardigrass and Drug Law Reform Rally.

The Ganja Faeries invite you to join them in celebrating the power of medicinal cannabis with this little book. Whether you are an experienced user or just curious about the benefits of this amazing plant, you will find something to inspire and delight you in the pages of this book. 

11 cm x 15 cm
18 pages

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