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Little Faerie Book of Growing Tips by The Ganja Faeries

Little Faerie Book of Growing Tips by The Ganja Faeries

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Are you ready to grow the best Ganja of your life?

This little book is a treasure trove of collective wisdom, filled with secrets and techniques to help you cultivate the finest cannabis plants possible.

The Ganja Faeries have come together to create this wonderful resource for fellow cannabis enthusiasts. Their shared love and appreciation for this magical plant has inspired them to gather some of their greatest growing tips and compile them in this little book.

Not only will you benefit from the Faeries' expertise, but your purchase will also support their work in protesting and highlighting Cannabis Law Reform. By participating in events like the Nimbin Mardigrass and Drug Law Reform Rally, the Ganja Faeries are making a real difference in the fight for our right to the medicinal, industrial, and recreational use of our favorite herb.

Inside this charming book, you'll find a wealth of knowledge that will help you transform your ganja growing game. From choosing the perfect strain to nurturing your plants with care, the tips in this book cover all aspects of cannabis cultivation.

11 cm x 15 cm
14 pages

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