MardiGrass 2022 Golden Bud Pass WITHOUT Camping

MardiGrass 2022 Golden Bud Pass WITHOUT Camping

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Golden Bud MardiGrass Pass WITHOUT camping

16  to 18 September 2022

Event Pass ONLY. To collect your armband:

  • Go to the Town Hall Information Booth, Cullen Street, Nimbin
  • Identify yourself with your paypal receipt – either printed copy of display it on your phone
  • Or show identification [driver’s licence etc.] in the name of the purchaser

If you don’t have a PayPal account, just click on the PayPal payment button and it gives you the option to pay directly with your credit card.

  • MardiGrass Tickets do NOT get sent out: there is no shipping charge.
  • Your PayPal receipt is your Ticket confirmation. Bring it with you to MardiGrass
  • Golden Bud buyers go into a raffle to be a judge in the 2022 Nimbin Cannabis Cup! 

Program Update

2022 will be our 30th annual MardiGrass protesting to end the war on cannabis. 

There will be a big focus on the ridiculous saliva testing by police of drivers searching for minute traces of THC. These driving laws show clearly just how serious the Government is about NOT supporting medical cannabis. Fiona Patten is coming to MardiGrass and by then she might have the Victorian driving laws changed for legal cannabis users which would be a start at least. Retired Magistrate David Heilpern and solicitor Steve Bolt will join Fiona for a Q and A on drug driving.

There will also be a special focus on Veterans with PTSD gaining access to cannabis and the government's lack of support on that. The suicide rate of ex military people is shameful and we know cannabis could help many enormously.