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Sinfully Sweet Cannabis Recipes by Rick Butler, Jenny Butler

Sinfully Sweet Cannabis Recipes by Rick Butler, Jenny Butler

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75 Yummy Easy to Make Desserts

How to Make Cannabis Milk, How to Make Cannabis Corn Syrup

My wife Jenny and I moved to Denver, Colorado 3 years ago from Knoxville, TN. Due to my job. But sadly four months after moving to this beautiful state, I lost my job. At first, we thought about moving back, but then we realized there was nothing that we left behind worth going back to. But I will admit it was very hard at first just to keep the roof over our head. Then Jenny suggested one day that we should start a cannabis baking business as we both enjoyed it as a hobby since we moved to Colorado.

Since we didn’t have the funds to start an actual bakery, we just made a bunch of cookies and brownies one day and took them too many of the Marijuana dispensaries and had them try some samples. Little did we know, in just three weeks we had enough orders from 7 of these places where we had to work 12-14 hours a day to fulfill those orders.

Fast forward to the present, we are still baking every day, but now we have hired three helpers and rented a commercial kitchen, business has been growing, and we finally found what we both enjoy doing.

Jenny had this idea for a while now that we should put together a recipe book where we share some of our best Cannabis recipes so everyone can enjoy the sweetest high time like we do here.

So, here it is, Sinfully Sweet Cannabis Recipes, our first try in writing such recipe book, and hopefully, it will be something that can bring a big smile to everyone’s face (hopefully after you taste the sweetness of some of this great recipes).

In This Book We Share

  • How to calculate proper THC dosage for great Recipes
  • How to Decarb Cannabis
  • 4 Ways to Cook with Cannabis
  • How to Make Cannabis Milk
  • How to Make Cannabis Corn Syrup
  • 14 Gourmet Cookie Recipes
  • 21 Mouth Watering Cake & Bread Recipes
  • 7 Truly Awesome Pie Recipes
  • 7 Yummy Frozen Dessert Recipes
  • 3 Most Popular Chocolate Treat Recipes
  • 4 Sweetest Candy Recipes
  • 14 Scrumptious Puddings, Custards, and other Treat Recipes
  • 5 Out of the World Brownie Recipes


137 pages
15 cm x 23 cm
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