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Stoned by James W. Forsythe M.D., H.M.D.

Stoned by James W. Forsythe M.D., H.M.D.

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The Truth About Medical Marijuana and Hemp Oil

Imagine being ill and in extreme pain, as many of your friends or relatives insist that you try medical marijuana.

Naturally, at that point you might wonder: "Is this quackery, or perhaps even worse just a lame excuse to get stoned? Can this drug truly help me?" Well, finally for the first time here, internationally acclaimed physician James W. Forsythe cracks the issue wide open.

For many years, this world-famous integrative medical oncologist has had streams of patients urge him to publicly reveal the truth about medical marijuana and hemp oil.

In "Stoned ~ The Truth About Medical Marijuana and Hemp Oil," you will learn of: the possible dangers of using cannabis; the specific medical conditions that this controversial drug might effectively treat; whether claims that hemp oil has an astronomical cure rate are correct; the best ways to take marijuana for your specific ailment; specifics on dozens of marijuana strains and how each effects your body; and much more.

"People deserve the truth here from a seasoned doctor who has already earned worldwide respect ~ not just a local physician trying to gain notoriety from this controversial issue," Doctor Forsythe says.

"The risks are far too great for you to fail to get the unique, timely and useful information that I provide."

324 pages
15 cm x 23 cm
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