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The Medical Cannabis Guidebook By: Jeff Ditchfield, Mel Thomas

The Medical Cannabis Guidebook By: Jeff Ditchfield, Mel Thomas

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The Definitive Guide To Medical Marijuana

This comprehensive guide to medicinal cannabis provides detailed information on the types of illnesses and diseases that it can help, real-life case studies, grow information, legal advice and more. Get the most out of medical cannabis with The Medical Cannabis Guidebook by Jeff Ditchfield and Mel Thomas.

The Medical Cannabis Guidebook is an indispensable resource for medical cannabis users. Written by experts in the field, this guidebook includes detailed information about medicinal applications, recipes for extracts, and administration techniques. It also provides legal information so patients can ensure their safety and keep up with the evolving legal landscape. With this guidebook, users can make informed decisions and learn how to safely use, make, and grow their own medicine.

With decades of research and five grow books between them, the authors provide users an invaluable resource to inform themselves about the medical benefits of cannabis. The guidebook also works to fill the gap created by the illegality of the plant.

Written by two renowned experts in the field, this book is packed with essential information for medical cannabis users, from those just getting started to experienced users looking to maximize the benefits of their medicine. It's the perfect resource for anyone looking to explore the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.


220 pages
15 cm x 23 cm x 1.5 cm

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