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The Vegan Cannabis Cookbook : by Eva Hammond

The Vegan Cannabis Cookbook : by Eva Hammond

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A guide to preparing delicious, marijuana-infused vegan recipes and edibles.

With cannabis cooking for vegans, you can enjoy the best of greens without any animal products. The cookbook offers mouthwatering vegan edibles that are easy to prepare and drop like a bomb.

Whether you use marijuana as a natural pain reliever, cure for anxiety and insomnia, or just to get creative and have fun, the recipes in this cookbook allow you to enjoy the natural, medicinal benefits of marijuana in combination with the best of healthy, plant-based eating.

Become the go-to chef for your friends when it comes to edibles. Expand your skill set today by learning how to cook plant-based weed snacks, edibles, THC-recipes, CBD-treats and more.

The Vegan Cannabis Cookbook offers an impeccable assortment of mouthwatering edibles and recipes to prepare. Enjoy Almond and Banana Cannabis Vegan Ice Cream, Cannabis Oatmeal Bars with Peanut Chocolate, Cannabis Cherry Chocolate Bites, No Bake Cannabis Brownie Bites, Cannabis and Fruit Gummy Candy, Cannabis and Cashew Caramels, Cannabis Chocolate Fudge, Raspberry and Chocolate Cannabis Candy, Coconut and Cannabis Lemon Tart, and much more.

118 pages
13cm x 20 cm
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