The Vegan Cannabis Cookbook : Vegan Recipes For Delicious Marijuana-Infused Edibles by Eva Hammond

The Vegan Cannabis Cookbook : by Eva Hammond

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Vegan Recipes For Delicious Marijuana-Infused Edibles

Prepare Delicious Marijuana-Infused Vegan Recipes And Edibles!

Learn how to get the most out of cannabis in your kitchen with respect for life & other creatures.

Do you love your taste buds as much as getting high and do you want to consume a healthy, plant-based diet? With cannabis cooking for vegans, you'll get the absolute best of what you can find in greens; no animal products.

Enjoy the natural, creative and medical benefits of marijuana without the harmful carcinogens that are inhaled by smoking weed: Learn how to make vegan edibles that are delicious, prepared in a snap and most importantly, drop like a bomb.

Become the chef that your friends come to for edibles! Expand your skill set today by learning how to cook plant based weed snacks, edibles, THC-recipes, CBD-treats and more.

In this book, you'll find an impeccable assortment of mouthwatering edibles and recipes to prepare:

  • Almond and Banana Cannabis Vegan Ice Cream
  • Cannabis Oatmeal Bars with Peanut Chocolate
  • Cannabis Cherry Chocolate Bites
  • No Bake Cannabis Brownie Bites
  • Cannabis and Fruit Gummy Candy
  • Cannabis and Cashew Caramels
  • Cannabis Chocolate Fudge
  • Raspberry and Chocolate Cannabis Candy
  • Coconut and Cannabis Lemon Tart
  • And much, much more...
Grab your marijuana-infused vegan cookbook today and become the best vegan edibles canna-connoisseur in town!

Bon Appétit!

Whether you use marijuana as a natural pain reliever, cure for anxiety and insomnia, or to get creative and have fun; these edibles and recipes allow you to enjoy the natural, medicinal benefits of marijuana. Combine it with the best of healthy, plant-based eating!

The recipes in this cookbook taste amazing and will satiate your appetite. This in combination with the unique healing effects of the amazing marijuana plant.

118 pages
13cm x 20 cm