Collection: Nimbin MardiGrass 2 - 4 May 2025

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Nimbin MardiGrass Golden Bud Ticket

Nimbin MardiGrass Golden Bud Ticket


The Nimbin MardiGrass is a cannabis law reform rally & celebration in the tiny village of Nimbin in Northern NSW, Australia. 

Our mission is to bring about change with as much fun as possible. Beginning in 1993, MardiGrass is held on the first weekend in May every year to protest the drug laws, educate people on the various uses of cannabis (medicinal, industrial, recreational & spiritual), and to celebrate the alternative culture that has grown around this village since the Aquarius Festival in 1973.

The MOB (MardiGrass Organising Body) and Nimbin's HEMP Embassy are both volunteer led and not-for-profit and all about changing the vile laws on weed.